Add an Admin

Add an additional admin user to the sideos administration console.


When you sign up for an account in the sideos administration console you become the first admin user who can create the company profile, create and delete API access tokens, and to create credential and claim types.

Adding a new admin user

Go to Settings and there go to Admins.

There is a list of invited admins where you can see if the invite was accepted and you can anable or disable the access.

To add a new admin click on the button Add admin on top of the table.

Complete the form by entering a First name, Last name, and Email. The email address entered will be use to send the credential for access to the console.

In the selection box Permissions you can select from 2 roles: Admin and Viewer. A Viewer can not change data. That is a role for a user who want to see the Dashboard and Transactions.

After completing the form you can click on Visualize offer to show the QR Code containing the Verifiable Credential for the new admin on the screen. If the screen can be shown to the new admin, directly or via video call, the new admin could read the QR Code with the sideos Wallet and store the credential in the wallet on the phone. If you click on the button Send offer via email an email will be sent containing the QR Code which the new admin can scan with the sideos Wallet from the email.

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