How to delete your Data

Delete personal data from the mobile app or from the sideos administration console

Delete your data from the sideos mobile app (sideos Transponder)

As mentioned in the app description of the Google Play store you can delete your data from the sideos mobile app in 2 steps:

  1. open the credentials view.

  2. select the credential you want to delete and click on the bin icon.

Credentials exist only on your phone and deleted credentials cannot be recovered. There is no additional retention period. Only if you subscribed a Backup&Recovery plan, data is stored encrypted in our backup vault. Ask your sideos business account administrator to delete the data if required.

Deleting your admin account

You can request out support to delete you admin account including all your credential definitions, claim definitions, and company information. Account deletion cannot be recovered and all the data you created will be lost.

To delete your account, login into the sideos administration console and click on the support button in the right bottom corner of the screen. The support team will validate your request with you and close & delete the account.

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